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Koshary Structure

What is Koshary?

A layered Egyptian dish with our signature twist, loaded with plant-based proteins dazzled in Mediterranean flavours. With its heartwarming multicultural potpourri of grains, pasta, chickpeas, lentils, deliciously spiced vegetables, topped with crispy onions and tantalizing sauces. We also offer different options of base layers, including quinoa and fresh mixed greens. Nourish your hunger without compromise!

Our Story

Vankoshary is deeply rooted in Egyptian heritage with an aspiration to capture the ever so popular Koshary dish that fed millions of Egyptians. We are the first to introduce the most famous street food in Egypt to Vancouver locals with a twist. By doing just that, we understood the ongoing changes in our community during these difficult times and we took this challenge to offer something both new and old where we use a modern recipe of an ancient cuisine that is both delicious and satisfying to the taste buds!

Fully Vegan

We strive to be part of the solution for a clean environment and protect our lovely animals.

Biodegradable Containers

We proudly use biodegradable corn-based containers to package our freshly made foods in our recyclable paper bags. Furthermore, the utensils are made from plant starch and sugar cane bagasse, and are also compostable.

Buying Local

We proudly source our produce and ingredients locally In order to support our local farmers, other local vendors, and economy as a whole.

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